Your trusted partner for disaster resources

Disaster Resource Group has the experience and the assets to effectively and efficiently deal with disaster relief efforts.

We are currently one of the largest suppliers of turn-key base camp services in the United States.  Our services include sleep tent structures, cots, dining tents, turn-key catering services, kitchen equipment, laundry, showers, bunk houses, restrooms, climate control, power generation, electrical distribution, camp management, training, consulting and other disaster relief services.

Disaster Resource Group has a proven track record of adaptability and rapid delivery of high quality disaster relief products and services where other means of support are not available.

In addition to our turnkey disaster resource solutions we offer a wide variety of restoration support; assessors / patrollers and wire guards.

Zero Loss Safety Rate


Immediate access to structure inventory and pole and frame tent inventory.  We are comfortable setting up multiple 1,000 person base camps simultaneously.  Disaster Resource Group has built a reputation for providing turnkey disaster resources and services with an outstanding safety record.