Disaster Resource Group is unsurpassed in its commitment to service.  The end result is an organization with a proven track record of adaptability and rapid delivery of high quality disaster relief equipment and services where other means of support are not available.


Our company Safety and Health program has been developed specifically for Disaster Resource Group by Sunshine Safety Services and covers everything  from site safety to personnel and equipment safety health procedures.


  • Electric Generation Capacity Shortfall
  • Nuclear Power Plant Incident Emergency Preparedness Plan Drills
  • Corporation Bargaining Unit Work Stoppage Contingency Plans
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Pandemic Plan Development
  • Base Camp Design and Operations
  • Mutual Assistance Incidents in over 10 states
  • Managed over 100 Base Camp / Staging Sites
  • Developed and Implemented Processing Site / Gateway Operations Plan
  • Mutual Assistance Logistics Sub-Committee – 10 years


We are a reliable service provider

in contract management solutions

and disaster resource logistics.



Reviewing and responding to RFP’s, writing RFP’s for private sector, yearly contract maintenance, and equipment retainer management services.  Site management consists of base camp managers through top level assistance in Client EOC’s.


All systems that we utilize (power, HVAC, hygiene, catering, material handling) are our specialty.  Our employees maintain top level servicing standards throughout the year during “Blue Sky” through working large scale events.


In addition to our contract management and training services, Disaster Resource Group also offers fueling, catering, on-site management and/or security, command center/EOC support, installers, maintenance staffing, logistical staff, camp management, and on-site support for all services (flooring, catering, tent installation, generator technicians, climate control refrigeration technicians, etc.).

We are able to provide full transport in and out of the country for our personnel and gear.  Standard operating procedure is 48-hour notification and 24-36 hours operational.


Emergency Response Logistical Training

Disaster Resource Group provides training for the overall structure needed to perform logistics support during restoration incident.  The intent is to ensure the ability to perform the duty quickly and safely with very little notice.  Core accountability for each function will be the primary objective while ensuring safety is the primary focus at all times.

Full-Service Catering

Full-service catering includes everything from BOH staffing through food preparation, serving and cleaning of all dining locations.  All equipment is utilized throughout the year and maintained to ensure proper working order and training.  Disaster Resource Group also offers mobile kitchen equipment to meet your needs.