Assessors / Patrollers

Our Damage Assessor / Patroller teams are experienced Journeyman Lineman, Distribution Field Engineers or a combination of those experiences and training. This approach ensures our teams are working safely, accurately and in a timely fashion to assess damage to infrastructure facilities.

Our Assessor / Patroller teams consist of the Assessor / Patroller, vehicle driver and vehicle, each position has specific guidelines that we require of our personnel.


Wire Guards

The Wire Down Guard position requires a background in a public service, safety environment, utility background or field type work position. These independent teams will deploy to a specific site where a utility infrastructure has incurred damage that is a danger to the public. (e.g. a conductor wire broken loose from the pole; damaged pole; damaged transformer to name a few).

Our Wire Guard personnel will remain in position until the situation has been remedied by the utility restoration team. Our teams do not approach or have any contact with damaged infrastructure – our focus is to keep the general public safe.