Disaster Resource Group has partnered with Catering Cajun, a Wayne Stabiler Company, for catering and food service requirements.  Catering Cajun is an asset based company and own all of their equipment so they can be activated in a moment’s notice.  They are equipped to operate six separate, onsite staging areas, and can comfortably serve up to 15,000 meals per day.  They also offer food shuttle service for smaller sites.

Catering300The experienced staff at Catering Cajun are trained disaster relief specialists and are dedicated to providing the best food and service in the industry.  Catering Cajun’s motto is “Whatever It Takes”.  This commitment has been demonstrated following hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, Dennis and most recently after Katrina and Rita, where Catering Cajun served 500,000 meals to a work force, which at its peak, numbered 15,000 individuals.

Catering Cajun is partnered with major food distributors such as Conco, Sysco, and US Food Network.  In addition, they have their own USDA approved kitchen for preparing soups, vegetables, sauces, etc. and they have a support network of restaurants that can provide additional cooking and manpower when needed.

Catering Cajun’s mission is to increase the productivity and morale of your work force by providing excellent food and service.