Supplemental Equipment and Services

In addition to our core rental equipment, Disaster Resource Group also offers supplemental equipment rentals; lighting, signage, cots, linen packages, heavy equipment and fueling distribution.

We offer lighting towers as well as 1000 watt diesel powered outdoor light towers.  Our Rescue Series of lighting offers quick setup and reliable 360 degree lights for checkpoints, search and rescue, triage, and other first responder and/or military needs.  The L Series lights are ultra-powerful units that can cover very large areas with high quality shadow-free Sup-Lightinglight for high productivity.  These units can cover extremely large areas with effective working light and are efficient enough that one unit replaces multiple traditional lights.

Billeting includes oversized cots as well as linen packages that include pillow, pillow case, sheet, blanket (sleeping bag optional).  We can easily supply all of our 12 bunk and 36 bunk sleeping trailers.

Safety Packages include ingress/egress and site safety signage.  All sites come with complete safety packages including petroleum spill kits, fire extinguishers, battery backup exit signs, cable ramps (trip hazard mitigation), first aid kits, regulatory traffic signage, DO NOT ENTER signage, lock out/tag out guidelines, and required vendor personnel PPE.

Disaster Resource Group has all heavy equipment needs covered; forklifts, scissor lifts, pallet jacks, etc.  All personnel operating any heavy machinery is Heavy Equipment certified, as well as, Aerial Lift certified.

Fueling capabilities include both gasoline and diesel with daily usage tracking and transparent quantity tracking.

Sup-Lighting2We provide any type of trailer leasing needed, including refrigerated trailers, flatbed, dry van, we also provide ThermoKing walk in coolers as well.

Disaster Resource Group provides portable water trucks – both grey water and black water trucks, 1/2 ton and 1 ton pickups, and hauling services.  Ice and ice storage bins as well as dumpster and haul off service upon request, although this is typically included in our turnkey dining hall services.

We provide 2 person golf carts, 4 person golf carts, Gators, van service transportation and busing.

Both armed and unarmed security personnel can be arranged for on-site security.

Recreation facilities (MWR – Morale Welfare and Recreation Centers) can be provided to include satellite television, hot spot internet capabilities, reading materials, recreational games (ping pong, foosball, etc.) and if requested even barber services for long duration events.

Chances are, Disaster Resource Group has already obtained the equipment and services you are seeking.